About My Blog!

Welcome to my blog, readers!

I was so excited to start this blog.

To let you know a little bit about what you'll be reading and learning about, I wanted to share it here.

I have so many crafts to share, and I'm also good with entrepreneuring, so we'll be making a bit of money along the way.

So many of my projects are capable of selling, and at decent price, too.

The reason this is called Introducing... Inspiration is because there are many things I'm interested in and am not afraid to try them.

If I try them and find I'm good at it, I do it again and I enjoy it, and yet another thing is added to my list of things I'm interested in.

But in this blog, I hope to inspire you in trying these things, and I hope you find something you're good at too! 

I may post just pictures of things I've done and give a brief explanation of how I did it, but I will also show tutorials on different crafts and things.

I have a very large list of things I post about and will, so if you're curious, I listed them all in my interests on my Blogger profile.

But here are a few:






Art (period)

(clothes, things like flyers and invitations, etc. And...blogs!)

And much more!

(And blogging was just recently added!) :)

I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy, and if not, you can always try something out and see if you're good at it!

Check back for more Inspirations!


If you want to see my future YouTube Inspirations, my channel name is also Introducing Inspiration, but I haven't posted any videos yet. 
I'll let you know when I do.


I commit to my followers and/or readers that I shall never post inappropriate or immodest pictures or say anything out of line. This is merely a blog where I post little crafts and ideas, and I love Jesus with all my heart. ^w^  



  1. Hi Bree, your blog is super cute and I loved quite a few of your posts- the croquet bags especially! Unfortunately, I don't know how to croquet >.> just knitting.
    Following (:

  2. Love your blog! My blog is about me! Anything I like, want to share, anything! I have followed you and freaking love the blogs, especially those cute DIY projects! I also share very similar interests as you and hope to learn something from you! :)
    My blog- www.myrealisticteenlife.blogspot.com

  3. Cool blog!! I love the cute colours you have used!
    xx Brittany

  4. Hello! Your blog is one of the cutest blogs I've ever seen. I came across your blog when your posted on Lord's girls blog and said you loved Royal Tailor. I had to look at your blog cause I LOVE ROYAL TAILOR TOO! I followed you!

  5. I love your blog! I had to follow! It's great!!



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