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This is a page where I keep all my LITTLE groups and contests and challenges and guest posts and....stuff like that.

How about this?


Don't worry;
it'll be divided out with different colors to help you.
these are all really great, so check them all out to see what you might like best. ;)

Important: If you are going to participate in any of the following events, please go to my "Contact" page/tab, and Email me there. 

The more the followers, the more events I will post!

Events are numbered in order, so its easier for "commenters" to refer to...

1. Guest post:

I always want something different or cool or exciting to post! Guest posts are definitely one of those. If you want to do one, just let me know.

1. Contact me, something like, "I would like to do a guest post on your blog, Introducing Inspiration. My topic will be _____"
2. I will Email you back saying whether its okay or not.
3. You send me your post, with the title at the top, and any notes to me above the title.
4. Your post must be something related to what my blog is about. Crafts, crochet, photography, writing, baking...if there's a topic you're not sure of, just let me know and I will get back to you.
5. Please, nothing immodest!
6. Put up on your blog that you did a guest post (if you want) with the link to it.

**There is no deadline to this event

2. Photo Tag

My friend and I are going to post this on our blog together (,
but I thought I could do a separate contest for this blog. After all, there are different people following each blog. :)

Anywho, how it works is you follow this picture above with the numbered tags, and everyday take a picture of whatever that numbered word means to you. It could be something different for everybody. Fresh could be a lacy wedding dress for one person, while for another person it could be a picture of a rainbow over a bright blue sky.

Get it?

Post these pictures on your blog, and I will keep checking every now and then. If you can, post everyday. If not, you can post multiple pictures with the dates included, but you have to take the picture on that day. 

*You can start whenever you wish, but there is a deadline.
The last day to start taking pictures is December 1st, 2014.
So the last picture should be posted on December 31st.

*You must take pictures in order listed. 

Guess what?

There's a prize.

You get interviewed about your blog, and get to do a guest post.

Let me know when you start taking pics in the comment box below. (mention #2)


3. Crafty Blog Group

Calling all crafters!

I'm starting a "Crafty Blog Group".

What this is:

*You must have a blog
*Your blog doesn't have to be all about crafts...but you have to post something about crafts regularly.
*If you wish, you can start a craft blog in addition to your main blog
*If you don't have a blog, start one!
*Limit of 20 members (currently)
*Follow each other's blogs (everyone else in the group) and to encourage them and be a good group member, leave occasional comments and advertise each other's blogs.
*If you wish to join, leave a comment below saying so with the URL to your blog. Your blog has to be active, posting at a minimum of 3 times per month (preferably a bit more than that!).
*Once I have at least five requests, I'll pick the 3 best blogs and let you know when the group officially starts.
*I will only add 3 blogs at a time, maybe 2 to 3 times per month.
*Only when I have five more requests will I add three more blogs. Not everyone will make it (unless nobody wants to be in my awesome group except 2 people, then I might give in.) XP
*HINT! If your blog is well-kept and somewhat decently designed, you'll probably have a higher chance of getting in. For tips on how to "dress up" your blog, see my post titled "How I Made My Blog Look Awesome!"
*You MUST be a follower of "Introducing Inspiration"
*I will announce the winners in a post, and if you see your name, contact me via my "Contact" page. (we will talk ;)

I might invite people personally. ;)

If you have any questions, please ask me. I will answer them. ;)
(mention #3)

**There is no deadline for this event.

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