Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My First Posted pics of Art


I wanted to show a bit of my "handiwork" with you guys.

Here's Elsa...

Not extremely impressive, but I assembled this headband...

I call this my "Goth Rockstar"!

I pencil sketch of me at age 3...maybe :[ 

Katara from "The Last Airbender". I did NOT trace this.


A dress I designed...

And this isn't a very good pic of it, but I made this with bits of newspapers.
Its the band "NEEDTOBREATHE".


Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Signature: Do you like it?


I was wondering if you girls liked my new signature.

This is the best I could come up with. :D

Let me know what you think, kay?

Talk later, crafties!


I added a new tab called "Contests&Challenges". 
There you'll find more information about the Photo Tag.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photo Tag Contest

Hello, fellow crafters!

My friend and I are going to post this on our blog together (,
but I thought I could do a separate contest for this blog. After all, there are different people following each blog. :)

Anywho, how it works is you follow this picture above with the numbered tags, and everyday take a picture of whatever that numbered word means to you. It could be something different for everybody. Fresh could be a lacy wedding dress for one person, while for another person it could be a picture of a rainbow over a bright blue sky.

Get it?

Post these pictures on your blog, and I will keep checking every now and then. If you can, post everyday. If not, you can post multiple pictures with the dates included, but you have to take the picture on that day. 

*You can start whenever you wish, but there is a deadline.
The last day to start taking pictures is December 1st, 2014.
So the last picture should be posted on December 31st.

*You must take pictures in order listed. 

Guess what?

There's a prize.

You get interviewed about your blog.

**I might repost this a few times in case more people discover my blog within the entry time slot.

Stay tuned....
I might start a craft blog group soon. :)


Should I make a signature and start doing that? I noticed lots of blogs do that. Just wondering your input. Thanks. <3

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Denim Flowers: DIY Style!

Hey, sisters!

Got old and/or holey jeans? You might want to think twice before throwing them out.

Instead, you can create these adorably gorgeous denim flowers, oh so easy to make, and use them on anything from headbands to jean cuffs to shirt collars. Just glue them right on.

All you need is fabric scissors, a hot glues gun, fabric, and FASHION!

For flowers about 2" in diameter, just cute a long rectangle from the denim about 11"-12" by 2"-2 1/2".

For thinner fabric besides denim and burlap, cut the rectangle longer and thicker, or else your bud will be a bit over 1" in diameter instead of 2".

It doesn't have to be a clean straight line; its supposed to look frayed and messy.

Next, make the long ends frayed by pulling threads and running your fingers the opposite way of where the threads sticking out are pointing.

Your piece should look like this on the edges:

Twist your piece either way and hold it on each end. Now at this point I usually bring my work to the floor so I can hold one end down with my foot and still have two hands to roll it up. 

So do that, and simply apply a generous line of glue and roll up the first few inches carefully. Decide which side looks better to you and keep it that way as you roll.

Now that you have a somewhat circle, start applying the glue to it instead of the unrolled fabric. This will keep your flower from looking too sloppy, and its easier.

Apply more glue, bit by bit, and keep twisting and rolling until you have no more.

Tip: The lesser the twist, the thicker the flower!

At the end of the fabric, glue the end to the bottom so you don't have a dead-straight line on the edge of your flower.

Trim up your flower to how you like it best.

Trace your flower on a sheet of white (or like color) felt. Cut out the circle and glue it to the back of the flower. Trim if needed.

You don't have to do this; it just makes it easier to glue to and stay on surfaces stronger.

You're done!

Here's some inspirations on what you can do with them (and sell them too!)

* You could sell them just as they are. (A good starting price would be $1 each, preferably in sets)

*Attach to:
-Jeans cuffs and pockets
-Up around blouse necklines
-Pins to make brooches
-Headbands or hairclips
-Notebooks and/or binders
-Baseball cap brim
-"Boxes" (pencil cases, jewelry boxes, etc.)
-Denim bags
-Picture frames
-Backpacks and/or lunch bags
-Throw pillows

*Make a choker necklace or bracelet by attaching them end to end and adding a fastener

*Make them a lot smaller and create cute earrings

You can do so much with these tiny buds, and the best part is they're so easy and you don't need much to make them!

You can also use all sorts of different kinds of fabrics, including burlap, and get the same cuteness. 

I hope this was a great inspiration and that it may have sparked your creativity. :)


This craft was not first developed by me. I just shared my own version and the pictures are of my own.


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