Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photo Tag Contest

Hello, fellow crafters!

My friend and I are going to post this on our blog together (,
but I thought I could do a separate contest for this blog. After all, there are different people following each blog. :)

Anywho, how it works is you follow this picture above with the numbered tags, and everyday take a picture of whatever that numbered word means to you. It could be something different for everybody. Fresh could be a lacy wedding dress for one person, while for another person it could be a picture of a rainbow over a bright blue sky.

Get it?

Post these pictures on your blog, and I will keep checking every now and then. If you can, post everyday. If not, you can post multiple pictures with the dates included, but you have to take the picture on that day. 

*You can start whenever you wish, but there is a deadline.
The last day to start taking pictures is December 1st, 2014.
So the last picture should be posted on December 31st.

*You must take pictures in order listed. 

Guess what?

There's a prize.

You get interviewed about your blog.

**I might repost this a few times in case more people discover my blog within the entry time slot.

Stay tuned....
I might start a craft blog group soon. :)


Should I make a signature and start doing that? I noticed lots of blogs do that. Just wondering your input. Thanks. <3


  1. Sounds neat! :D Maybe I'll do it! :)
    I like the way you sign your blog, but I think a signature would be neat too! I'm not being very helpful, am I? Lol! What kind of craft blog group?? I love crafts!! :D
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

  2. Every kind of craft group! :D Anyone who crafts far and wide. :) You'll see in my next post.

  3. I have always wanted to do this!!! But I never have.... :( Def will now though!

    So we can start anytime? Does it have to be every day? Or can it take longer than 31 days?


    1. Samantha-
      I added a tab with a few more details. Check it out.


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