Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Has Meaning to it

Little things can make such a huge difference.

The Mystery of Life:
It Has Meaning

By Bree R.


Your soul flows throughout your body, creating an adrenaline rush you can't control.
Something inside is happening to you, but you don't know where its coming from and why.
Just the day before you stopped in your room and stared at the wall.
You wondered, “Is there a meaning to life?
“I do all these things and act like there's good behind it.
“I stop to think, and realize I only do these things for worldly pleasure.
“But where and what does that worldly pleasure get me?”
You realized it gets you nothing.
So what meaning does life have to it? you wonder.


Dearest friend, I struggle with this too.
Its become a nightly routine, lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking.
I can do this literally for hours.
I just lay and think, nothing else, and its as if the thoughts can't go away; can't help themselves.
Go away!
Before I know it, its been four hours since I crawled in bed,
Two hours since I first got up to use the bathroom,
And half an hour since I rolled out to get a glass of water.
Talking to you this morning, we both realize we battled the same thing two days ago.
We know we have a connection somehow in this situation.
But what is it?


I wish I could help you, but I must straighten my own self first and foremost.
I sit in the far end of the Sunday school class my dad teaches.
He's gifted in teaching and the one I turn to when I need an answer.
I had a dream last night, that same night before, and tell it to him after class.
Instead of going up to service, we talk in the empty nursery.
And he doesn't mind.
I've always felt deep down in my heart for her, but I tended to ignore it.
Why I had hurt feelings for her, I will never know.
Her sister got all the attention.
I could see why; she was sweet, friendly, pretty, and usually happy.
Even I liked her. I mean,
What's not to like?
But her sister was much unlike her.
She wasn't rude or disrespectful, she just kept to herself.
She needed more attention.
And instead of giving her some, I waited for somebody else to.


How foolish of me.
I felt so bad I even wondered, “Why would she want attention from me?
My father is wise, so brilliant.
He tells me, “Go up to the sanctuary and after service lets out, ask her what her favorite candy bar is.
“Then say, 'Okay, thanks,' and walk away.”
A month ago I would have said, “I could never do that!”
But here I am today, grinning.
He tells me that someone once did that to him,
He got a kick out of it and was also blessed.
This was God speaking,
And through a dream, too.
No, this is not a fiction story.


It takes a few minutes for my body to believe I'm not kidding myself.
And with the help of myself chanting,
“I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it...”
The reality kicks in.
I wait until the chatter starts back up.
As she passes the pew I'm in, I say her name.
And I can't believe it!
“Hey, what's your favorite candy bar?”
“It's Reese's,”
It takes a second for me to decide whether or not to say, “Me too!”
But before I know it I'm blurting, “Okay, thank you!”
And twirl around to meet my brother's request.


All the rest of the day I'm the opposite of what I was before the talk.
And I jump at every opportunity to serve, because it makes me feel good inside.
It gives me pleasure, but not worldly pleasure.


Now I think as I tell you face to face,
So what does this pleasure do?
It can break the ice.
What does breaking the ice do?
It can make friends.
What does making friends do?
In making friends, you gain trust and understanding.
What do you do with trust and understanding?
You can talk freely with each other.
What do you talk about?
You have the opportunity to talk about your faith more freely.
When you talk about your faith, you can lead a person to Christ.
When you both meet in Heaven,
You can both worship Jesus,
With a twinkle in your eye, you glance at each other.
You spend eternity glorifying the Lord together.


By Bree R.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kittens and Cupcakes Writing Challenge Tag

Hello, writers!

I've been seeing a lot of people doing challenges and contests, and even though I don't have a ton of followers (yet), I was able to think up something that someone could do, even if they didn't have any followers.

You're going, "Really??"

Yes, really.


For anyone who gets tagged!

You can start this challenge yourself if you want, just PLEASE, please please link it back to me.


You could even use this picture I have, BUT LINK IT BACK, PLEASE, with a cherry on top!!

Alright, let me explain.


1. It starts with me (the author), and in this first post I tag someone (preferably someone who writes) in this post. I will put their name with their blog's link behind it. Then I will go to their blog and on the last post they did comment that they were tagged and put the link to this post. I will add a short list of things I want her to add in her story. (see below post)

2. This person follows the link, reads this, and if she agrees to do it, she...


Writes one chapter, as long as she wants it to be, with the key words and challenges I add. She copies these rules and pastes them above her chapter. She adds the picture I have above.  She posts it on her blog, with the link to this post, explaining. She has to follow what I challenged her to add in her chapter. She titles her post "Chapter One | Kittens and Cupcakes Writing Challenge Tag".  At the end, she tags someone else and adds a challenge or two and leaves a comment with the link to her story post. 
If she really doesn't want to do it, she can turn around and choose someone else. *none of her own challenges. She must participate to add her own challenge.

3. This next person who is tagged copies the rules as well, but has to add my link, AND the other girl's link to her chapter.
"Tag" the chapters.

Click here to see other chapters:
Chapter One
Chapter Two...

**She PICKS UP from the prior girl's chapter, following her little challenges as well.

**Everyone puts the button at the bottom of the post on the side of their blog.

**Please please please no swearing or immodesty.

**LOL, but someone can tag me if they really want to.

It would also help if the people tagged left a comment with the link to their chapter so it'll be easier for me to keep up with it and enjoy the story!! Thanks!

Do you get it?

We're creating one story with a bunch of different people.

The story can go on as long as you want. It ends when somebody ends it, but I'd like it to be at least ten chapters.

If you get really confused, please leave a comment and be specific. I'd love to answer any.

**Chapters will be composed and posted on this blog in one post when finished.


I forgot to say who I tagged. LOL! But I did go and leave a comment, I just didn't put any challenges. Sorry for any confusions. :P

So, I tagged June (J).

My Challenges for your first chapter:

Include the words:



Caught _____ing
"I finally got to ______"
All eyes...

Sorry, June, if I caused any confusion. XP
Hope you're better now!! lol


Kittens and Cupcakes Writing Challenge

Thursday, September 25, 2014

SO! I Joined a Writing Challenge | Chapter One


I took on a writing challenge.



If you write, you should definitely have a look at this challenge. 

Thanks so much, Aliah, for putting up this challenge! I enjoyed writing the first chapter a lot.

I hope you enjoy!

(I haven't come up with a name because I can only write one chapter a week)
:(  This motivates me to finish a story!!!

Chapter One

If dreams are supposed to seem distant, why does this one feel so near?
   Its like I'm standing in the middle of a mile-long bridge and can see it on the golden horizon, right before my eyes.
   I need no guide.
   I need no compass.
   I believe my will is enough.
   All I need is my dream, my hope, and my heart.
   I shall follow my heart.
   I will not know whether this dream just appears to not be faraway, or if it really is, unless I keep on the journey to find out.
   It seems so odd to me that it feels so close, like I could reach out, touch it, and simply wrap my fingers around it, drawing it to my chest to cherish it. Why is everyone else's hopes and dreams so high? I can't say why I chose an easy one for myself, I just did. No, my heart did, and believe that is just why.
   But really why, I'll never know.

I close my diary and roll to my back, staring at the ceiling above my bed.
   I think it might need repainting up there, as odd as that may sound, but it wouldn't sound odd if you saw this house.
   Here, everything needs repainting. Or repair, or something new.
   Name one. 
   Oh, refrigerator, you say? That one's easy. Rust could be spotted (or in this case, it can jump out at you) the moment you walk in the kitchen. I'll say the worst of it is in the top left corner of the right hand door.
   But that's unnecessary. The bottom line to all this nonsense thinking is that I'm grounded.
   And what for, you ask?
   Good question.
   I'd like to know too.
   They say they shoved me in this dungeon for changing the flowers in our across-the-street neighbor's front garden bed from purple to blue.
   Well, not exactly again, but for just changing the colors of her flowers again. The yellow wasn't that bad, and those pink ones were okay, but when I saw that purple out our front window, I just couldn't hold it in. Before this little incident, I had as well changed the orange gladiolas to yellow rimmed with red, and our neighbor wasn't upset (in fact, if you ask me, she seemed quite pleased), but for some stupid reason, my parents...or, parent, was not pleased. He didn't ground me, but he also didn't talk to me for a week, and made me make my own breakfast, and lunch, and dinner...
   Gwen told my dad that I needed a harsher punishment ("for its very impolite for one to make changes to one's property without permission"), but he kept it cool.
   Well, cool in his way. I didn't enjoy the tension that week, though. And you don't wanna be around me when I'm cooking. You wouldn't even be able to stand the smell alone.
   You would think they wouldn't even notice the change in color! Such a small deal! Oh, I know. Maybe they didn't like the color either, and that's why they noticed it.
   And so when this happened, both Gwen and dad got together and thought up a "rightful discipline."
   I close my eyes and picture "it" all once again. What a heavenly sight. This was always my escape plan. To think of this. I reach out my left hand to grasp the locket that lay on my bedside table, its chain dangling from the edge of the surface. I press my nail up against the little lip on the side of the chipped, golden painted heart, and stare at the picture so I don't have to imagine it. For a moment, I can't take my eyes off it, and something in me breaks. Knowing I'm completely alone, I let the tears flow. Not real sobbing, just salty water streaming down my cheeks.
   This is my dream. I can see it before me. I know what it is, I know what I want, I know how to find it, I just don't know where to find it.
   I know there's more to life than just chasing dreams! You need to find it, then chase it, and then you can do big things with your life.
   After you catch it, of course.
   See, I know these things. So why is it so hard? You'd think if you knew so much about something, you'd be able to accomplish it. Don't ask me anything about it, because I don't know the answer to your question.
   Finally, after about a straight half hour of crying, I swipe the end of my "over-lengthed" sleeve over my cheeks, but in the mirror on the wall to my right, I can see the tear stains are still quite visible.
   But so what. No one's to see them. I haven't gone anywhere in days. Being home schooled, I don't do a ton of stuff away from home, but I do go out occasionally. But since I'm grounded for a week, I haven't been anywhere in five days (yes, there's only two more days left of this misery!).
   Dad's kind of tight on money right now. See, he lost his job a month ago, but he's known Gwen for two years now, and she's got her own job, so she doesn't mind helping out a bit. But its still not enough.
   I wonder if there's a nearby food mart I could work as a cashier at. I know there's been some places bumping the age minimum to 18, but if there's a small store with low traffic, maybe they'd be willing to hire a needy 15-year-old. I'm pretty capable at doing stuff like that. As long as I don't turn the carrots to blood red by accident, or the plastic bags to paper, we're all good here. 
   I clear my head as best can, and shuffle towards my window bench. I love this bench. Its the perfect place to write my thoughts down in my diary, and if I have to pause to think, I can stare out over the golden prairie. I decide this is what I'm going to do, but minus the diary. Just think.
   Oh, now you're going, "But you just cleared your head!" and I know this. But I guess I just needed a quick break. 
   I refill my head with new thoughts and worries with a glazed looked frosting over my eyes. This is what you're supposed to do when you're stuck in your room grounded, right?
   I thought so.
   The first thing I lock my gaze with is the weathered barn about a minute's walk from here. That's where we used to sing to each other. It was a talent we both kept hidden, but not to each other. I remember; he also played the guitar, so sometimes he would play as I sang, but most of the time we would write songs, then sing them together. I wanted to learn the guitar, so that I could play for him while he sang, and one day after performing one of our songs together, I spoke up and told him that I wanted to learn. So he offered to teach me, and we got as far as understanding the main chords, when he disappeared.
   Heaven knows, I will never forget that day. It was the absolute worst day of my life.
   I squeeze my eyes shut as tight as I can before the flashback returns.
   Just the thought of experiencing the flashback makes me want to throw open my window wide and scream at the top of my lungs, "Where are you?!"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crochet | Mini Sock Monkey Purse


Here's another pattern for ya. ;)

This pattern is kind of like a variation of the owl one I just posted, only a sock monkey.

Should I do a panda or a zebra next??

Or... (my awesome dad's idea) ... a penguin?

I'll let ya'll choose, in celebration of


I know 10's not much, but I'm getting there, and the support really helps push me along. I will continue on!!

The one with the most votes, I will do next and post the pattern. ;)

Mini Sock Monkey Purse
Hook: Size G or 7
Yarn: (worsted) Color A: Base color: brown or tan for purse. Small amounts of black for eyes. Color B: Accent color: red, preferably dark red, for outlining, strap, and lips and white for bow.
Scissors: For fabric
Tapestry Needle: For weaving in ends and sewing on eyes and mouth
Markers or small piece of different colored thread: For keeping track of where your round ends/begins
Ruler or tape measure
A button, in a dark color, about half  an inch in diameter
8 half double crochets would equal 2" With a size G hook. 4 single crochets would equal 1".
ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
tc: treble crochet or triple crochet
If you happen to find any errors or come up with a different number of stitches, please contact me so I can fix it. But I counted twice before I recorded it, and made some extra with this pattern, so you should be good to go. ;)
Rnd 1: Using base color, Ch 32. Sc 3 in 2nd ch from hook. Sc across, to first ch. Sl st in last ch. (That's 2 sts in 1 st) 
Rnd 2: Turn to work along other side of ch, 3 sc in first ch. Sc (30) to end if ch, and into first sc. (See visual B) In second sc, sc 3. Sc to end of rnd. Here, take a marker or different colored piece of yarn and insert it into your last st. (Visual C) This will mark every new round. Take it and move it up at the end of every round. (70 sts all around)
Rnd 3: Sc 30. Work 2 sc in next 4 sts. Sc 31. Work 2 sc in next 3 sts, sc in last st. (Remember: move up your marker) (76 sts around)
Rnd 4: Sc 33. Work 2 sc in next 3. Sc 35. Work 2 sc in next 3. Sc  in next 2. Still in last st, ch 2, 1 hdc in st at bottom of ch 2, and move your marker into that st. This will be your new round end. (82 sts, and that's counting the ch 2 and 1 hdc)
Rnd 5: hdc 34. Work 2 hdc in next 4 sts. Hdc 37. Work 2 hdc in next 5 sts. Hdc 3, move up marker. (92 sts around)
Rnd 6: hdc 35. Work 2 hdc in next 6. Hdc 40. Work 2 hdc in next 6. Hdc in last 5. Move up marker. (104 sts around)
Tip: (See Visual E.) Once the rows get really long, I like to count ahead the amount of stitches I'm supposed to crochet and put a marker there. For instance, in Round 6, I had to crochet 35. I counted 35 (by 3's) stitches and put a marker there. This saves me some counting or keeps me from loosing track and having to start over counting along.
Rnd 7: (Really? Another round?) ;) Hdc 10. (Ear:) Work the following into one st, the next st: 2 sc, 2 hdc, 1 dc, 3 tc, 1 dc, 2 hdc. Skip next st (its too covered to try and work a st into it) and sl st in next st.  (See visual F for ear) Hdc 30. Work 2 hdc in next 6. Hdc 30. (Other ear:) Work the following in next st: 2 hdc, 1 dc, 3 tc, 1dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc. Skip next st, sc in next st. Hdc 15. In next 4 st, work 2 hdc. Hdc 3, sc 2, sl st in last st. Fasten off,
Set aside. ( visual G)
(Visuals H)
Using red,
Ch 18. Join with first st to make circle. Ch 2, hdc 15 in circle as if it were one big st loop. Slide the 15 sts to first side (see a visual h) there are 11 chs on other side of oval. In that 11th st from the first ch, hdc  5. Hdc 12 in oval. Slide to even out, and hdc 5 in very first ch. Join with top of ch 2, fasten off.
Eyes: make two
(Visuals I)
Using black, 
Ch 3. Join to make circle. Keep two fingers touching in the middle of the circle, since its so small, you might loose it. Ch 1. Hdc 8 in circle, join, fasten off.
Sew on the eyes and mouth. (Visuals J) Sew eyes on right side of the fabric, on the end where the ears are closer to the end. Sew eyes about an inch apart. Eyes should cover about 3 rows. See visual to help. Sew on mouth to a faint smile with the top f the mouth about 2" from end. When you sew it on, make sure there's room under the upper lip for your button. (See step titled "button")
Sewing purse together
(Visuals K)
Put your ruler on the side with the mouth and Aline the 5" mark with the end of that side. Look where your ruler ends and fold it to that point, wrong side facing out.  Now tuck your ears inside the fold so that they stick out right when ur done seeing and u flip ur purse right side out. Start on the bottom of the fold, but make sure you are 12 sts from the ear. Put your hook on a slip knot using red and insert thru first two loops, joining fabric together. Sl st. Sc thru both loops in next 12 st. Here it gets a bit tricky. See visuals (k) to help. Try to create 3 sts across the ear, continuing to join with side without ear, with its own next 3 sts, but try doing it behind ear. Sc in next two loops after ear. Quit working thru two loops and work thru loops across flap. Sc 18. Ch 5. Create loop with ch by sc in next st. Sc 17. Count the sts across the edge with the mouth, starting at first single loop from your last st joining. Count 15, join that 16th st with the st your hook is on now. Work 3 sc across ear, joining with next 3 sts on bare edge. Join to end. Fasten off. Turn right side out.
Sew on your button underneath the upper lip, keeping it hidden.
Using white,
Ch 12. Sc in second ch from hook. Sc to end 10. Ch 1, turn, sc across. Repeat until you have 5 rows of sc. Take a piece of yarn and just tie it tightly around your rectangle. Sew it to the flap above one eye (doesn't matter which).
Cut 18, 35" 6 of each color: red, tan, and white. Mix thoroughly, thread one end thru the second st above one ear. Leaving about 6" on shorter end, double knot short end with long. Unravel threads on shorter end. Braid long end, dividing 6 threads into three groups. Braid until you have 7" left, double knot, repeat as before.
Even out anything, weave in any ends, and enjoy your mini sock monkey purse!
If you happened to find any errors or came up with a different number of stitches, please contact me so I can fix it. But I counted twice before I recorded it, so you should be good. ;)
This pattern was created by Bree. I saw something different that inspired me to make something like it, and came up with my own pattern. If I have copied someone else's pattern exactly, it was completely coincidental. I am sorry for any coincidences. I did not mean to violate any copyrights.

Visual Help:

Enjoy your creation!

Monday, September 22, 2014

20-Things-You-Might-Not-Know-About-Me Blog Tag

Hey, blooming bloggers!

(If you do the tag, you can use this pic if you want)

 June tagged me for the 20-Things-You-Might-Not-Know-About-Me Blog Tag, and I was so excited to receive it.

A Curious Pisces
(please look at June's AWESOME blog.)

It is my honor.

My very first tag,
and as a blooming blogger!

Thanks, June S. :) <3

The rules for it (if you're tagged):

1//Copy and paste the questions below, then answer and turn them into a blog post. Or, record a video answering these questions and upload it to your blog post.

2// At the bottom of your post, tag anywhere from 2-10 bloggers you want to see answer these questions. (I also suggest hitting up your tagged people via social media just to let them know you tagged them to do this tag challenge.)

3// Use the title: 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me Blog Tag. Once you've hit publish, leave a comment below with the link to your post.

4// Use the hashtag #20ThingsBlogTag when sharing on social media so we can all find your awesome posts!

So here they are:

Question 1: How tall are you?


Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

Really? You can't ask questions like these! LOL

Probably Singing.

Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

When the pics on a blog are very bad quality and when a blog is very poorly designed.
It's hard to navigate, plus, I'm a perfectionist. I like everything neat. :3

Question 4: What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?

The list is endless.
One is when someone blames me for something I sincerely didn't do, especially if they do it on purpose just to make me look bad. 


(In case you didn't know, that was supposed to be an angry face, LOL)

 Question 5: What’s your favorite song?

This list is also endless!
 How about my latest?

22//Taylor Swift

Question 6: What’s your favorite Etsy shop that isn't yours?

I don't look at Etsy very often, but I might soon. I've been seeing ALOT of cute stuff there.
So, I don't have a fave.


 Question 7: What’s your favorite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

Craft, crochet, or anything like that with music on, and writing in my journal.

 Question 8: What’s your favorite junk food?

Ice Cream?
(stay tuned....there's more.)

 Question 9: Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

Well, they're really family pets, but I take care of them.

Two cats, TommieGirl is the mom to full-grown Tiger (or sometimes we call him Tie-Die. Don't ask why)

And then we have two dogs, Nutmeg and Fudge (which I named. I name all our pets. I never give anyone else a chance.). They aren't really mine, but since I named them, I thought I'd mention them. They're gorgeous, but need to work on their behavior!

 Question 10: What are your number one favorite nonfiction and fiction books?

 I don't have one specific book, but I enjoyed the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, as well as the Red Rock Mysteries, also by Jenkins (I like Jenkins.)

I'd have to say Anne Frank's Diary. I really enjoyed that book.

 Question 11: What’s your favorite beauty product?

Ha-ha, does nail polish count?

I think I look really cute with rosy cheeks, so blush.

 Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

Uh, I can't remember. I don't get embarrassed very often...
Wait. I take that back. I get embarrassed VERY often by my little siblings, but usually I forget about it before long.

 Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ew, besides water? Yuck.
Flavored water? Does that count?
If not, root beer. :P

 Question 14: What’s your favorite movie?

I enjoyed Mom's Night Out a lot, but I'm sure that's not all.

 Question 15: What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

None, but probably Artist, out of those, that is. 

 Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

This is tough. There's several places, and one at the top of the list, but once I get there, I might not like it as much.
I want to visit Paris, but I'd probably want to live in Ireland.

 Question 17: PC or Mac?


 Question 18: Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?

Uh..... :3


Maybe....he looked at me??
Not really anything.

 Question 19: Favorite celebrity?

I'm not sure. Maybe Taylor Swift. Right now, at least. 

 Question 20: What blogger do you secretly want be best friends with?

There's several. But probably Eve.

I also really admire Rachelle and Amelia Grace.

June, thanks for tagging me!! It was really awesome.

Hmm, now I tag...

(7 Bloggers I greatly admire)




That was fun.


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