Saturday, September 13, 2014

Journey Through the Progress

Hey, writers-

(Journey through the Journals)

In case you were not aware of this, I'm writing a book.


Haha, yeah, I'm pretty slow when I write. I started it...I don't know, a while back? LOL, I'd say I've been writing it for about six months now. It was developed from a dream (and changed and altered a bunch, but its still cool) and when I explained it to certain people, I got so many comments like, "Wow, that's so original." "YOU COULD BE FAMOUS. Lots of popular books came from dreams!!" (this coming from my best friend) ;) (love ya!) and "It seems like it'd make a good Saturday evening movie."
Something about these comments convinced me to write a book about it. (don't ask me why)

I've been writing and coming up with stories since I was old enough to, and stapling my own books together and also illustrating them myself when I was about four. At eight I started coming up with longer stories and writing them down on notebook paper. I was good at short stories, but I could never quite finish them. My head flooded with an excessive amount of ideas and stories, and I might have been able to finish the first (very short) chapter, but never more. I think part of it was because it was physically on paper and my hand cramped easily. But also because I got writer's block.


This made me frustrated.

And unfortunately, I gave up on writing. As sad as that sounds. It had been a huge part of my life. Every single month at some point or another, it'd be my duty to say, "I came up with a new story idea!" and explain it all out to my parents or friends. Every single time my friend(s) would say, "Uh, huh. Are you sure you're going to finish this one?" and my parents, "Well, you need to finish your other books before you start a new one,".

But-but-but-! This idea is awesome! What if I forget it?

But earlier this year, some time in March or so, I believe, a single one-day writer's class was going to be taught by a local author. I thought, "Hmm, its worth a shot,". Plus, I wanted to meet the author and see what books she writes.

She shared some very good tips. She was very friendly and writes writes fantasy, and I also found out that she owns a publishing house.

Wait, what?

Shortly after, I had that dream. I did start writing that one (on my tiny tablet, though), but it was hard to stay at it.
I attended another series of classes taught by that author at our local library. After the second class, I stopped to talk to her. I asked her about her publishing house, and the deals impressed me. Then I asked if she had any tips on writer's block.

She gave me something that basically changed my life.

She said her "little secret" was writing future scenes ahead of time. You can be working on chapter two and have, say, chapter 12 playing in your head. Go ahead and write it. You can have as many as twenty scenes being written all at once! Just connect in the points and pieces when you're done.

This hint was oh, so helpful.

I couldn't have written my book without it. It also evens out your book. You know what to write about that's going to happen later and it all fits in smoothly. That's a great way to write a mystery book.

I should note here, though, if you plan on publishing your book, you should always start with an Ebook. I didn't like this idea, hence all the friends and family waiting anxiously to read my book, and because I was invited to a book signing at our library, I wanted to have some spare copies to hand out. But unless you're already wealthy, you won't be able to pay for the printing and shipping. 

And most Ebooks to publish are free. One is Smashwords. It is free to publish, but you can price it for as much as you want, although nobody is going to want to buy it for much more than $6. The whole reason why Ebooks are cheaper is because the author doesn't have to worry about paying for printing.

Hope this was helpful to any writers out there. :)

But anyways, I would tell you about my book, but I hate the idea of piracy. XP People can steal your book idea anyday and pretty much rob the money you should be earning.
Its called "Journey through the Journals", and I only have about two more chapters to write. Its over 40 thousand words as of right now, (an average is 50 to 60 for young adults) so it will be considered a novella. I'm trying to make it as long as I can stand writing it, since it seems like such a story, the kind you don't want to end.

I CANNOT wait until its done.

I will share it once I've completed it. ;)



  1. Wowww! That is SO exciting! Ugh, I know what you mean. I like writing a lot, but I can't seem to make it all fit, make it interesting, or in the time period that I want! Like seriously, I started writing a story meaning for it to be in the present time, but somehow it got back into the 1900's!! I seriously don't know what happened with that. I love the time period that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in, and I have read/listened to her books atleast 50 times each! So, I love that time period so that is what I know about and write about. But I'm afraid people don't like that time period as much as I do, I don't read many new books, more old books. I find that, what I like, I write. So, if there is a book you really like, read it over and over and over again, and soon you will write kind of like that! I am very detailed with my stories, as was Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    Ooh! I can't wait to see it! :D Yeah, I don't like posting my stories very much on the internet either. :)

    I'll have to try that idea! :D Thanks for the tips!! And congratulations on your novella! That is so exciting!
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. Thanks. I finished it yesterday, but I still need to go in and edit it. I have a friend that likes reading older books. Maybe you two could email about that one day. Keep checking in; I'm going to be posting affordable self-publishing sites to use soon. ;)

  2. You finished it? You have no idea how excited I am! Tell us when it's published on ebook or kindle or whatever it is.

    1. Yes, I finished it. I just have to edit it severely. :P Haha...I will publish it as an eBook on Amazon and use the money there to print to hardcover/paperback version. And with that I will get a laptop to write better, bigger, longer stories in a smaller, shorter, quicker time period. :D But if I happen to become wildly famous and make enough on the eBook itself, I'll let the paperback wait! XD I doubt it though. As long as I have hopes and dreams....right?

    2. Awesome! I am excited to read it!


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