Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Has Meaning to it

Little things can make such a huge difference.

The Mystery of Life:
It Has Meaning

By Bree R.


Your soul flows throughout your body, creating an adrenaline rush you can't control.
Something inside is happening to you, but you don't know where its coming from and why.
Just the day before you stopped in your room and stared at the wall.
You wondered, “Is there a meaning to life?
“I do all these things and act like there's good behind it.
“I stop to think, and realize I only do these things for worldly pleasure.
“But where and what does that worldly pleasure get me?”
You realized it gets you nothing.
So what meaning does life have to it? you wonder.


Dearest friend, I struggle with this too.
Its become a nightly routine, lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking.
I can do this literally for hours.
I just lay and think, nothing else, and its as if the thoughts can't go away; can't help themselves.
Go away!
Before I know it, its been four hours since I crawled in bed,
Two hours since I first got up to use the bathroom,
And half an hour since I rolled out to get a glass of water.
Talking to you this morning, we both realize we battled the same thing two days ago.
We know we have a connection somehow in this situation.
But what is it?


I wish I could help you, but I must straighten my own self first and foremost.
I sit in the far end of the Sunday school class my dad teaches.
He's gifted in teaching and the one I turn to when I need an answer.
I had a dream last night, that same night before, and tell it to him after class.
Instead of going up to service, we talk in the empty nursery.
And he doesn't mind.
I've always felt deep down in my heart for her, but I tended to ignore it.
Why I had hurt feelings for her, I will never know.
Her sister got all the attention.
I could see why; she was sweet, friendly, pretty, and usually happy.
Even I liked her. I mean,
What's not to like?
But her sister was much unlike her.
She wasn't rude or disrespectful, she just kept to herself.
She needed more attention.
And instead of giving her some, I waited for somebody else to.


How foolish of me.
I felt so bad I even wondered, “Why would she want attention from me?
My father is wise, so brilliant.
He tells me, “Go up to the sanctuary and after service lets out, ask her what her favorite candy bar is.
“Then say, 'Okay, thanks,' and walk away.”
A month ago I would have said, “I could never do that!”
But here I am today, grinning.
He tells me that someone once did that to him,
He got a kick out of it and was also blessed.
This was God speaking,
And through a dream, too.
No, this is not a fiction story.


It takes a few minutes for my body to believe I'm not kidding myself.
And with the help of myself chanting,
“I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it...”
The reality kicks in.
I wait until the chatter starts back up.
As she passes the pew I'm in, I say her name.
And I can't believe it!
“Hey, what's your favorite candy bar?”
“It's Reese's,”
It takes a second for me to decide whether or not to say, “Me too!”
But before I know it I'm blurting, “Okay, thank you!”
And twirl around to meet my brother's request.


All the rest of the day I'm the opposite of what I was before the talk.
And I jump at every opportunity to serve, because it makes me feel good inside.
It gives me pleasure, but not worldly pleasure.


Now I think as I tell you face to face,
So what does this pleasure do?
It can break the ice.
What does breaking the ice do?
It can make friends.
What does making friends do?
In making friends, you gain trust and understanding.
What do you do with trust and understanding?
You can talk freely with each other.
What do you talk about?
You have the opportunity to talk about your faith more freely.
When you talk about your faith, you can lead a person to Christ.
When you both meet in Heaven,
You can both worship Jesus,
With a twinkle in your eye, you glance at each other.
You spend eternity glorifying the Lord together.


By Bree R.


  1. I love this... it is written so beautifully!<3
    You are a such good writer!:) Your post made me pause for a few seconds to think about the meaning of life. Thank you Bree!

  2. This is a beautiful story, and a reminder that we have a responsibility to reach out, both within the church and outside of it. It's kind of an awesome thought to end my day. :)

  3. This is just too beautiful. You have a great writing style, you might consider entering something in my contest! And what also caught my eye was your LinkWithin widget...can I ask who did the customizations? xx

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

    1. Emily,
      I'm so glad you decided to drop by on my blog! Thank you for the invite.
      Eve did the CSS to my gadget. I do have it in my CSS box, but I'm not allowed to share it. You can visit her here: but she charges for her designs now. She is quite talented, I think she made a wise decision to charge. However, I gather CSS codes here and there and know another code that is not hers. I'm working on putting together a Blogging Journal page where my readers can grab something for themselves. I also use it for my designing other blogs too.
      Email me if you want the link! ;)

  4. LOL, apparently this is beautiful! Receiving your awesome comments literally makes me smile. In fact, I realize I'm smiling even as I write! Thank you all so much.

  5. Now I'm really REALLY happy you introduced me to your blog! ^u^ Your writing is so lovely! Breathtaking, really! I'm definitely following and can't wait to read more! :D
    -Morning Kay


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