Saturday, September 6, 2014

111 Random Questions for BFF Girlz

Hey, girls!

I came up with 111 questions to ask between my BFF and I, and I wanted to share them with you. It's super-fun to do with friends.
My friend and I did it together. We had so much fun!
It's a great boredom buster. ;)

111 Random Questions for BFF Girlz

By Bree


  1. Do you ever dust in your bedroom?
  2. Do you write in cursive or regular?
  3.     (If you have any “I’s” in your name) Do you ever dot your “i”s with a heart?
  4. Are you a giver or a seller?
  5. Are you a “yardsaler” or “thrifter” kind of person?
  6. Do you keep a journal, and how often do you write in it?
  7. Do you use shaving cream or just extra soap when you shave?
  8. What’s one common word you use in almost every sentence?
  9. How many friends would you say you have?
  10. How often do you see your best friend?
  11. What’s your favorite female name? Male?
  12. Do you ever wish you were born the opposite gender? Explain why or why not.
  13. Do you know the name of the hospital and city you were born in?
  14. Jeans or dresses?
  15. Do you prefer receiving handwritten letters or Emails?
  16. Where would you rather be (right now): The mall or in a giant swimming pool?
  17. What’s a habit you wish you could break?
  18. Name one good habit.
  19. Do you have posters or pictures of celebrities or other on your wall?
  20. Drawing: Yes or No?
  21. Music or movies?
  22. Movies or books?
  23. Real paper books or Ebooks?
  24. Watching a movie at home or a friend’s, would you rather eat pizza or popcorn?
  25. Do you wear scarves often, whether winter or summer?
  26. Are you a jewelry fan and wear it most of the time?
  27. Do you prefer owning books or borrowing them from the library?
  28. Do you have a sweet tooth?
  29. Cats or dogs? (Kittens or puppies?)
  30. Pens or pencils?
  31. Which position do you usually sleep in?
  32. Besides water, what’s your favorite beverage?
  33. Are you coupon-crazy?
  34. Do you think about your future spouse or just your current boyfriend/crush?
  35. Do you have to get something if its on sale?
  36. Who’s one person you wish you could be just like, or one that you look up to?
  37. Do you talk to the person in the mirror? Ever??
  38. Do you ever check the mail?
  39. What’s a talent you wish you had?
  40. Do you wear sunglasses whenever you get the chance?
  41. Are you good with hair?
  42. Do you make your bed every single morning?
  43. Do you pick at scabs?
  44. Do you feel you have to wear makeup everyday?
  45. Do you have enough shoes?
  46. Do you have enough purses?
  47. What’s a sport you can’t do that you wish you could?
  48. Is music always on in the car?
  49. Do you ever sing along to it?
  50. Are babies adorable?
  51. How did you meet your very first friend?
  52. What’s something you use to get to sleep faster?
  53. Do you wear bikinis or one-piece bathing suits?
  54. Left- or right-handed?
  55. Do you keep ponytail holders on your wrists all day, everyday?
  56. Would you say you’re “rich” for your age?
  57. Do you have to see it to believe it?
  58. What’s the usual amount of time between the days you put on laundry?
  59. Which would you rather do: Sewing or crocheting/knitting?
  60. Do crocheted or sewn items look prettier to you?
  61. Have you ever made faces at security cameras?
  62. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Second?
  63. Do you think it would be cool to adopt one day? If you did, would it be a “special needs” child?
  64. What was the name of your first pet?
  65. Do you, or would you, let dogs or cats sleep on your bed?
  66. What’s your favorite movie production company (e. g. Disney, Pixar, etc.)
  67. Do you spend more time on laptops or computers?
  68. Do you own a laptop or computer yourself?
  69. Facebook or Twitter?
  70. Have you ever mowed the lawn?
  71. Favorite TV show?
  72. Would you sing in front of someone?
  73. Crushed ice or cubed?
  74. Vegetable or flower garden?
  75. Are you an early bird? Or a night person?
  76. Are you a night person?
  77. What’s your favorite cartoon?
  78. Do you wear earrings all the time?
  79. Do you sleep with your earrings in?
  80. Do you sleep with your makeup on?
  81. Are you aware that it can cause skin cancer?
  82. Would you eat bacon on anything?
  83. Did you ever take gymnastics?
  84. Whether you play or not, what’s your favorite sport?
  85. (Flavors) Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?
  86. Are you a country gal or a city girl?
  87. If you could change your hair color, what color would it be?
  88. Is your mirror clean right now?
  89. Do you know either of your grandparents’ street addresses? (probably not)
  90. Do you ever ride your bike?
  91. Do you know anyone that home schools or is home schooled?
  92. Have you ever been on a roller coaster?
  93. Have you ever been to a baby shower?
  94. Funeral?
  95. How often do you call up your grandparents or send them something?
  96. Do you have any relatives living in your state? If so, who?
  97. What’s your favorite land-dwelling animal?
  98. What about water-dwelling?
  99. When’s the latest you’ve ever slept in?
  100. Have you ever changed a dirty diaper?
  101. Favorite dessert?
  102. Do you paint your fingernails or do you think it wears too quickly?
  103. Do you stretch in the morning?
  104. What’s your favorite color combo?
  105. What’s the color there’s most of in your bedroom (besides your wall color)?
  106. Did you have a childhood hero? If so, who?
  107. Who was a character you were obsessed with as a young child?
  108. What’s your favorite meal (not food; meal)?
  109. What used to be your favorite toy and/or stuffed animal?
  110. What was your parents’ first job?
  111. What’s your favorite boredom buster?

All questions were originally thought of by Bree, blogger of “Introducing Inspiration”. File was typed and edited by Bree.

I hope you liked them. :)
I would've uploaded the file, but it would've delayed the post. I guess if you wanted to print it out you could copy and paste into Word.
Just an idea.


  1. Hey! Just found your blog! Heres the link to mine!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Its nice to see that I've had a few extra views, but it really gets me excited when I get a comment, or especially a follower, so thanks! I'll look at your blog. :)

  2. Wow, this list was long! But very interesting. haha, me and my sister will so this :)

    1. Its nice to know someone is having fun with the questions I came up with. And I know it *looks* long, but if you enjoy it, it really is a good amount of time. For my friend and I, it might've taken a half hour or more, but we stop and talk about it here and there. Its supposed to be a "conversation starter" ;)


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