Tuesday, October 7, 2014

B&W Writing Contest Entry | A Few Updates

Hello, all! <3

So I entered an awesome contest from the awesome Emily over at her awesome blog, Lynde Avenue. Just click the link to see the contest I entered and its rules, so that you understand. If you want to enter, you better do it quick, the deadline is October 10th

So, Emily, I entered this photograph which I took myself a few days ago and this poem I wrote that was inspired from the picture. I had fun writing it! :) Thank you for all the fun contests you do!


Let it be

By Bree R.


If wind be silent,
Let it be.
If straw be beige,
Let it be.
If the sun be bright,
Let it be.
But what about your family?


If they be rich,
Let them be.
If they be poor,
Let them be.
If they be protective,
Let them be.
Oh, my ever-loving family.


If friends be wise,
Let them be.
If friends are correcting,
Let them be.
If friends be encouraging,
Let them be.
I’m so blessed to have a friend as thee.


If people be white,
Let them be.
If people be black,
Let them be.
If people be themselves,
Let them be.
For that’s how they were made to be.


By Bree R.


So I wanted to let you guys in on a few updates. Remember that writing challenge over at Crescents and Cranberries? Well, you know how I posted chapter one, but I never posted two or three. Well...I had been writing it on my tablet and was working on chapter two when my tablet broke.

(my "oh, noes" face)

Yeah, plus, it was a pretty long chapter. So in case something happens like this again I'm just going to follow the rules given each week and write it, then post the whole story when I'm finished (I have no clue when that will be). I hope that's okay with you guys and sorry to disappoint anyone! :(

Another thing:

I started a Google+ group for my followers and I! There you can ask to join, I will make sure you are a member, and I will add you into the community. What the purpose of this is is you can get the "inside scoop" on my posts, see what's coming up next week or help me out with future posts, fun stuff like that. But followers can also share links to posts similar to something I might post on my blog, might it be a link to your blog or someone else's blog, just hence the name: Introducing... Inspiration! :) I just LOVE connecting with my readers!! <3it.

So please consider joining!

Click here


  1. You have such talent in both writing and photography... oh Bree, this is beautiful! <3
    I wish you all the best for the competition:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  2. Lovely. Bree, you are gifted.
    Blog on // June


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