Friday, January 9, 2015

Contest is Off T_T Contest Entries


Well, I'm truly sorry, but I've been staying away from the internet for about a month now and plan to continue until further notice. But I thought I should at least keep my word and post about the contest like I said I would. Well, as I said, the deadline was about a week ago and if I didn't get enough entries, I would have to cancel the contest. Sad but true, I did not get enough entries...and I'm calling the contest off. T_T

However, I got some wonderful entries, and I couldn't resist sharing them with you. I thought the least I could do is at least post them here!

Well, enjoy, and I couldn't apologize enough. :(

From Samantha:
(For the Art Contest)

(Samantha, you've got some serious talent! I hope you keep drawing, don't ever give it up.)

From Brooke:
(For the Photography Contest)

(I LOVE taking pics of barbed wire! And just as well, other people's pics too. Very nice) ;)

From Emily:
(For the Photography Contest)

(This one's pretty cool, Emily. VERY creative!)

From Ellie:
(For the Photography Contest)

(Nice flower, Ellie!! Love it!)

From Neal:
(For the Photography Contest)

Displaying 20140411_184433.jpg

Displaying 20140814_182215.jpg

Displaying 20140926_181426.jpg

(For the Art Contest)

Displaying httyd2.jpg

Displaying kittens3.jpg

(Neal, I LOVED this one! I fell in love with it, its just toooo cute) ;) <3

Displaying PicsArt_1397232268586.jpg

Thanks again for all the lovely entries, I'm glad you guys do what you do, following your talent like that! Look out, don't abandon me, because I haven't abandoned you either! Guess what? I may rehost once my break from the internet is over (I haven't the slightest idea when that will be). 'Kay?

Keep it up, you wonderful people!!



  1. I'd totally forgot about this contest.
    Good entries though.

  2. Lovely photos/drawings! Everyone did a GREAT job. :)

    xx Nicole Rose

  3. Thanks so much for posting mine! I liked all of them!

  4. Wow, those are some GREAT drawings, they look so real! hahaa, you do not want to see what I can draw....... ;) I would love one of those for a book cover! :D

  5. The entries are all so wonderful! Sorry I didn't enter, but the world is better off without seeing my artistic work. ;)

  6. Too bad that we had to ditch the contest. But I had fun taking the pictures anyways! :) I love everyone else's as well.

  7. I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! My post is here ( -Bethany!

  8. I'm so sorry I didn't enter this contest! :( I was really busy! Could you let me know when you have another contest?
    BTW-I nominated you! for the 'stranded on a deserted island tag!

  9. Good job on your drawings. Please check out my blog and please follow it by email! I would love to hear some of your thoughts, so please leave a comment!

  10. awesome post!
    check out my blog

  11. Too bad there wasn't enough entries! That was fun, anyways, though, and everyone's entries were GREAT! Maybe it's best there weren't enough - it would have been difficult for you to decide the winners!!! :D

    So glad you posted again! I'll keep checking back for the next time you do. :)

  12. It’s a really great post! Thank you for sharing!
    Like your blog very much!)

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  13. Aww I would have loved to join! Samantha is so talented! :) I wish I could draw like that! I think it's nice you shared the entries. ^^

    Love your blog template, too! xo Cloudy Dreams


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